UTM/UY started activities for implementation of a UTM in Uruguay for forbidden flight zones and commercial operations


The growth and consolidation of unmanned aviation around the world is a reality that involves changes at a speed unprecedented in the history of aviation.

On the one hand, it is generating a new economic activity, which generates jobs and valuable assets for other industries, as well as minimizing the risk of human exposure in various tasks.
At the same time, it generates challenges for the management of airspace, the maintenance of safety levels, the relationship with manned aviation, the knowledge of new techniques and aircraft, and the management of a large number of flight registration requests and devices, added to the inspection of irregular activities.

In this context, the so-called Unmanned Aircraft Sistem Traffic Management System (UTMs) arise, systems focused on the management of low-altitude airspace (LAA). Reference organizations such as ICAO and FAA as well as important industry players such as Airbus have been working since 2016 in the development of standards and definitions for these systems, as well as tests of their use. NASA and FAA recently published a standard for the construction of UTMs after a 4-year research process.

Recently, the Uruguayan Chamber of Drones and Allied (CUDA) together with the company Dronfies Labs agreed to form a working group to define the local needs of operators regarding these systems, as well as there have been informal exchanges on UTMs with personnel from DINACIA, as well as the Air Operations Center, in the context of the usual procedures they carry out.

In total, 3 virtual meetings have already been held between 8 commercial operators and a member of the Uruguayan Air Force Air Operations Center and a simulated presentation and demonstration to local inspectors, in which the explicit interest of all parties has been expressed. to implement a UTMs at the national level.

It is noteworthy that CUDA has been operating for 2 years, it is made up of more than 20 registered operating companies.

UTM / UY aims to implement the first operative UTM in Uruguay by September 2020.