Getting the sky more open and safer for drone operations

PortableUTM is an Open Source-based Unmanned Traffic Management System developed following NASA UAS Service Supplier Specification

Versatile design for different scenarios

In-house Identifier: Drone Trials Phase 2. Source name: Jason Chute. Long description: Registered nurse, Miriam Nampil, 55 years, receives the first vaccine delivery from Swoop Aero drone in Cook’s Bay, on 18 December 2018. Narai Harry, 32 years, registered nurse from nearby Ipota village assists Miriam.

Humanitarian Purposes

Drones have proven their importance in medicine delivery, disaster recovery, and public safety. PortableUTM could be deployed easily enabling operations in these contexts and generating a great impact on vulnerable populations.
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Commercial operations

Fulfillment of regulatory requirements and awareness of drone operations are critical for the safe and responsible integration of drones in society. PortableUTM is a transparent and Open Solution to be integrated by governments and commercial drone operators.
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Portable is Better

Deploy anywhere

The system could be hosted locally in an emergency site and transmit UTM information with a low bandwidth internet connection or without internet using Mavlink


Functionalities and interfaces developed following NASA UAS Service Supplier Specification make this tool compliant with requirements.


Open source allows for greater transparency of processes and software. The core is licensed under GNU/GPL 3.0 and Front-end and user apps under permissive MIT.

Backed by drone experts

Supported by a community of recognized technicians with experience in drone software
development and aeronautics.

Designed for the whole drone ecosystem


The growth and consolidation of unmanned aviation around the world is a reality that involves changes at an unprecedented speed in the history of aviation. PortableUTM offers a solution for getting awareness of the drone operations over interest areas or nationwide. This allows authorities to exercise real authority over low altitude airspace and increase operational safety. The implementation of a UTM also has as a benefit reduce the spent time of people working in the organization in tasks related to drones.

Enterprise and First Responders

Operational security and rules compliance is essential for running professional drone operations. This responsibility scales at the same time as the operations grow in size and complexity. PortableUTM offers a flexible solution for drone companies that operates on low connectivity context in emergency response, critical delivery, and mapping in rural areas, allowing them to plan and manage multiple drone operations, take awareness of manned aircraft and send information realtime to aeronautical authorities. As any Open-source solution, developers could also integrate core features for their own drone solutions and make modifications and extensions of the platform.


Nowadays drone operators are crucial contributors to airspace safety. Knowing where and when can fly and take awareness of other drone operations or manned aircraft allows increasing safety and helps the pilot to comply with rules and regulations. PortableUTM allows to users of DJI or Pixhawk-based drones to request authorization and receive flight approbation automatically in zones where the UTM is operative. Our custom ground stations transmit position to the UTM live and allow to authorities to take live awareness of that operations.


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Making the skies safer

Get support from experts for implementing the solution in your country or adding UTM capabilities

Join the ecosystem of software, telecommunications, and aeronautical engineers, authorities, and drone pilots that support system development, procedures, and implementation in different environments.

About us

PortableUTM is an Open Source Initiative for enabling safe and regulations compliant drone operations around the world. The project is publicly released under GPU/GPL v3.0 licensing for the core features and MIT permissive license for the frontend and mobile apps. Sources are available in Github from May 2020 and will be under development by Dronfies Labs and other community members during this year thanks to the support of the Unicef Innovation Fund. We are looking for cooperation from partners around the world for making this tool a valuable Digital Public Good that enable drone operations for disaster relief and drone delivery in vulnerable scenarios and commercial operations as well. The system will be deployed during this year for controlling commercial drone operations in Uruguay and supporting Unicef Innovation Drone corridors in Sierra Leona and Kazakhstan.

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